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School Advisory Council (SAC)
Welcome to Somerset Academy Charter School Advisory Council (SAC)! A primary reason for the SAC is to encourage innovation and to actively become involved in fostering the school's vision and mission.
As a SAC member, you assist and advise the administration with decisions in matters that will academically and economically enhance the school by acting as a liaison between the community and the school.
As a parent, student, staff member, community member, business partner and member of SAC, you are a very important person entrusted with the improvement of  our school.
  • Strive for excellence as a school leader
  • Support our school as an advocate for students
  • Assist with school’s annual budget
  • Promote the school, family, and community network to share and discuss pertinent issues concerning our students academic achievement
You are encouraged to become a member of SAC and help make a difference. Everyone is welcome to attend our open meetings. Meetings are held bi-monthly at 6:00 pm in the middle/high media center.
For more information about SAC meetings, please refer to the Meeting Schedule.