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Student Services
The Somerset Academy Guidance Department works with students, parents, and the community to foster a positive and supportive learning environment. The Guidance Department office is located in the Middle/High Administration Building.
The essential role of the counselor is to be a student advocate. Counselors assist with personal, academic, social, and post-secondary concerns that can aid the student in order to reach their full potential. Support systems such as individual/group counseling are an integral part of the counseling program at Somerset Academy. When a student is upset, a counselor is always available for them for support. Classroom activities and presentations are developed throughout the year to assist students with their personal, social, career, and educational development.

-Administers all standard state-wide testing.
-Assists with conflict resolution.
-Conducts individual and group counseling.
-Carries out schedule and class changes.
-Conducts Parent/Teacher conferences.
-Assists in the process of transitioning from childhood to adolescence.
-Assists with career, personal/social, and academic development.
Guidance Department:
  • Mrs. Jessica Wright 6th (all)   -  7th ( last names A-L) grade Middle School Counselor

  • Mrs. Melissa Villalona 7th (last names M-Z) - 8th (all) grade Middle School Counselor

  • Mrs. Kerrie Lisko 9th grade High School Counselor

  • Ms. Rebeca Gonche 10-12th grade High School Counselor, last names A-L

  • Ms. Gabriella Valdes 10th-12th grade High School Counselor, last names M-Z

  • Ms. Erin Pierce - BRACE Advisor

  • Mrs. Lory Sakay, LCSW - Student Support Specialist

  • Mrs. Raquel Escudero, LMFT - Student Support Counselor

  • Mrs. Elsa Acevedo, MRC - Student Support Counselor