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Media Center
Welcome to the Somerset Academy
Middle High Media Center Website

Media Center Hours

           Monday- Friday 8:00 AM- 4:00 PM

Media Center Policies
Books may be checked out by students for 14 days and may be renewed once.  There is a fine of $0.10 per day for all overdue materials,  if book is lost student is responsible for its total value plus any fines applicable. Staff members may check out books as well; the fine for overdue materials is $0.05 per day. Please return items as soon as possible to allow others to use these resources as well. Students and staff are responsible for returning materials checked out to them in the same condition as when they checked them out (fines will apply)

 No food or drinks are allowed in Media Center facilities at any time.

Computer Use in the Media Center 
In addition to the School Board of Broward County’s use policy for Internet and telecommunications,  students and staff need to observe the following rules: *No games at any time, *Students will use them for research, Study Island, and/or any website or program with educational content.  Students are welcome to use the computers without the need of a pass before and after school.   During classes teachers need to call for availability and only students with official passes can be admitted Students can print and copy materials for $0.10 color prints now available for 0.50 USB is required.


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Works Cited, Bibliographies, and Internal Reference Citations
Whether are quoting directly or paraphrasing information you found in a book, article, or website. you MUST acknowledge the source of the information. Within the body of your paper, this is called an internal Reference Citation or Parenthetical Documentation.
At the end of your paper, you should include a Bibliography of sources used or a Works Cited page. This list all books, magazine and newspaper articles, as well as websites that you used when creating your final product. Items on this page are listed alphabetically by the last name of the author or by the title if there is no author. There are rules that we follow to create this documentation. The two most common sets of rules are: MLA (Modern Language Association) style, and APA (American Psychological Association) style.
The following links will assist you in using MLA style. For more information, please ask your teacher.
Internet Links     Easy Bib provides online templates  Choose Noodle Bib Express. Then select MLA  template automatically generate biography cit.
Slime Kids School Library Media Kids This site has a lot of information and interactive materials good for teachers and students. Check it up!

Learning Resources & Instructional




Check this virtual Library it is a Broward County resource that comes very handy.  Broward Virtual University