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Our Vision and Purpose Statement

Our Purpose: Empowering students to explore global learning opportunities to promote and enrich their communities and the communities we serve. 

Our Vision: Somerset Academy, Inc. promotes a transformational culture that maximizes student achievement and the development of accountable, global learners in a safe and enriching environment that fosters high-quality education.

Core Principles:
•Student learning and achievement is paramount
•Effective school leaders
•Highly qualified staff
•Effective governing board
•Safe and secure learning environment
•Data assessments to drive curriculum and educational focus
•Research-based curriculum
•Continuous Improvement
•Teacher training and mentoring throughout the academic year
•Balanced budgets to ensure resources for student achievement and teacher efficiency
•Teamwork with stakeholders - community leaders, parents, students, teachers, administration and governing board
•Communications among all Somerset leaders

Our Beliefs:
S - Self-motivating learners

O - Obligation to all stakeholders

M - Maintaining a safe and nurturing environment

E - Effective Practices

R - Resources for 21st century learners

S - Students who achieve proficiency and exceed high expectations

E - Evaluate continuously and utilize data driven decisions

T - Teachers who support learning through research-based curriculum