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What is a BRACE Advisor?

It is an acronym that stands for BRoward Advisors for Continuing Education. I assist high school students with their post-secondary plans, i.e. plans after high school, and provide students with scholarship and financial aid information to help finance their educations. A BRACE Advisor is not a Guidance Counselors.

How do I look for scholarships? 
I look online, receive information from workshops I attend, and get information from other outside sources.

Sign up for my Brace Emails using the email distribution tab on the left. 

You can register for scholarships on and and

NEVER pay for scholarship searches or applications. If you need money, why would you pay for it?  


  • Be aware of deadlines for all scholarships.
  • Be sure to print legibly or type all scholarship materials.
  • Be sure that your email address is appropriate for interpretation in a business environment.       
  • Continually update your resume.
  • Be sure your essays are grammatically correct.
  • Do NOT rely on spell check.
  • Do NOT leave paperwork until the last minute.
  • “Received by” means that the foundation must have your application on their desk by that date. It does NOT mean “postmarked” by that date.
  • READ all instructions/requirements carefully.
  • Most colleges and universities prefer online applications. Check your college email account or telephone the admissions office approximately 7 business days after you applied to be sure all information was received. Follow through. Details are a very important part of the process.
  • Visit your BRACE Advisor to learn more about 2- & 4-year colleges/universities, technical/careers schools, specialty schools, military academies, ROTC scholarships, military recruiters, apprenticeships and more.
  • Essays, recommendation letters and extracurricular activities may make the difference in scholarships and admissions.
  • Be sure to choose schools that are BEST for you and your family!

What to do now….  


·        Create or update your resume

 ·        Complete college applications

·        Work on the essay questions.

·        Visit colleges/university campuses, if possible; request information.

·        Ask teachers, employers and clergymen for letters of recommendation.

·        Please allow at least three weeks for recommendations to be completed. Provide a resume or brag sheet, stamped, addressed envelope and applicable forms. Complete your portion and be sure to review/sign the waiver clause if applicable. Recommendations are often written during personal time so please be sure to have a few teachers in mind in case several students have already asked that person.

·        Be aware of deadlines and requirements.

·        Be sure to send your SAT, AP and/or ACT scores to the colleges that you plan to apply to. Additional fees apply if you do not use the free offerings at test registration time. Test scores must be sent directly from the respective test centers.

·        Transcripts and letters of recommendation may be mailed separately, unless otherwise specified. 


·         Continue to maintain your best academic performance, discipline and attendance!       

·         Take the PSAT exam in October. Use your scores to help you prepare for the real SAT and to help you qualify for scholarships.

·        Register to take both the SAT and ACT in the fall of your junior year as long as you are already taken Algebra II and the early spring of your junior year if you are currently in Algebra II.

·         Attend the Somerset College Tour and/or National College Fair at the Broward Convention Center.

·       Call, visit or email admissions representatives from colleges and universities you are interested in.

·        Update your resume.

·         Visit colleges/universities if possible or request information; call admission offices and ask when tours are given.

·         Keep your community service hours up-to-date.

·        Complete a NCAA Clearinghouse form in June of your junior year at if you are interested in being recruited or participating in college athletics. Fee waivers are available to eligible students.

·        Register for free scholarship search engines.


·                    ·   Create a College Planning Guide

·                    ·        Take the PSAT

·                    ·           Begin to figure out what you want to do when you grow up.

·                    ·          Start researching colleges.

·                    ·          Start/Continue performing community service.

·                    ·          Get involved in a club or sport.

·                    ·          Keep Your GPA Up!


·                                 ·           Join the Somerset BRACE email list.

                  ·      Make sure you are taking the most challenging classes for YOU.

·           When possible, take the time to look up some basic information on colleges/universities.

·           Enter essay, speech contests, science fairs, and contests for scholarships and awards.

·         Get involved in extra-curricular activities.

·           Begin to work on a volunteer service project.

·           When possible, begin to explore careers and job opportunities that relate to your passion.

·           GET. GOOD. GRADES.