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Student Access: Technology
Your child now has access to a Somerset Academy email address, Microsoft Office 365 which includes; Word / PowerPoint / Excel / Outlook / OneNote and Wi-Fi capabilities using the “SA Students” SSID (Network) on school campus.

In order to login to the email and download Microsoft Office 365, you first have to go to

To access these features, each student has their own unique credentials:

The username is the first four (4) letters of the first name, the first four (4) letters of the last name, followed by their birth date (in MMDDYY format)

The password is the Student's ID# (including the '0' that precedes the '6') followed by their initials (first letter of the first name & first letter of the last name); password is case sensitive, must be lower-case.

For example:
John Dorian with ID# 0123456789 and birth date December 31, 2001
Password: 0123456789jd

Go to to see a few quick start guides and ‘cheat sheets’.

** Please note that WiFi access is a privilege and not a right. The school’s I.T. department reserves the right to turn off WiFi access for students in the case of testing or if we see that there is network congestion. **

Should you have any questions or concerns, contact Manny Pon.